Our Economy

The economy of KidZania is carefully designed to involve children in learning the economic cycle, by teaching them the values of work and helping them understand how the process of exchanging money for goods and services works.

Economy Our Currency

KidZos are issued in paper bills in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. Children receive a 50 kidZos check as part of admission which can be cashed at the bank, allowing our visitors to start spending their kidZos right away, then earning more trough the many employments available at KidZania. 

Spending-money Spending kidZos

After cashing the check at the bank, our visitors have their kidZos available to spend as consumers in the different establishments at KidZania. They can purchase products or hire services. For example, they can go and pay their entrance to the Disco Lounge or get their nails done at the Beauty Salon. Prices for products and services vary according to the principle of supply and demand.

Earning-money Earning kidZos

As with any economic system, goods and services are purchased with money, and money in return must be earned as payment in exchange of work. Thus, if the kids run out of kidZos they will need to apply for a job and earn a salary. For example, they can be a nurse in the Nursery or serve the city as Firefighters. Salaries for different jobs vary according to the principle of supply and demand.

Saving-money Saving kidZos

Through the course of using their kidZos, children learn about bank accounts, generating savings and earning interest. They learn how to manage money by going to the bank to conduct business with a bank teller or using an ATM machine to make withdrawals or check their account balance. They can also check their account balance online if they are registered CitiZens of KidZania as part of the benefits of the B•KidZanian Program.

Web_icons-15 Shopping with kidZos

As complement to the educational lesson of monetary management, KidZania features a redemption-based program themed as a shopping experience. Kids must first earn kidZos before they can spend them and may have to save some in order to afford higher priced items. With their earned kidZos, children can buy pencils and notebooks for their school, gifts for their friends or decorations for their houses, among others.

Donating Donating kidZos

Kids also have the opportunity to contribute with their community by donating their kidZos to a cause of their choice, then KidZania ensures that their contribution reaches the children-related cause they selected.

Web_icons-18 Paying Taxes with kidZos

The goal of financial literacy is complete when children learn about how taxes contribute to the benefit of the community. A portion of their salary is discounted to cover their taxes, as in the real world. Most KidZania Cities have their own Tax Office where children can pay their contributions to the Nation of KidZania.