TV Studio


  • Actor

  • Host

  • Technical

  • Makeup artist

  • Costumer

  • Adults can participate as: Spectator, Cameraman or Make-up artist

Description of the activity:
Record a television program, be part of the production team or become the star of the show.

30 minutes


4-14 years


  • Values ​​learned: responsibility, innovation, professionalism, solidarity, respect

  • Skills gained: attention to detail, creativity, communication

Kool Facts:

  • The first television broadcast in Mexico was made by the engineer Jorge González Camarena in August 1946, who also invented color television; this same system of the Mexican engineer is still used by the NASA spacecraft

Economy and Benefits B • KidZanian:

  • You will receive the payment in kidZos for showing your talent in this activity

  • Receive special payments according to the category of your paZZport, naturalized, distinguished or honorable citizen!