Radio Station


  • Announcer
  • Reporter


Activity Description:

Learns like to realize a program of radio, manipulates the equipment of recording and learns to express to you opposite to the microphone.



30 minutes






  • Learned Values:professionalism, integrity, responsibility, language and communication
  • Gained Skills:communication, collaboration, teamwork

Kool Facts: 

  • The German physicist Rodolfo Hertz was the first one in demonstrating the existence and managing of the electromagnetic waves, which made possible the transmissions of radio (in his honor, the unit of measure of these waves is called "hertz")
  • En 1906 Reginald Aubrey Fessenden realizó la primera radiodifusión de audio de la historia, en E.U.A.; los buques en el mar lo pudieron escuchar mientras tocaba el violín

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