Acting Academy

Acting Academy


  • Actors
  • Artist of Street Performance
  • Adults can participate: Set designers or Artists of Street Performance


Description of activity

Children learn actor´s skills and perform on the stage of theater.



30 minutes





  • Learned values: professionalism, confidence, respect, solidarity
  • Skills learned:  Motive thick skills, communication, self-knowledge, social development 

Kool Facts

  • The dramatic art they have origin in the prehistoric times, when ritual representations of hunt were realized
  • In the ancient Greece his height had the dramatic art, when there arose the classic kinds of drama and comed
  • The first fashionable parades took place in the lounges of Paris during the 19th century

Economy and Benefits B·KidZanian

  • It gets kidZos by your work
  • ¡Receive special payments in conformity with the category of your paZZport, naturalized, distinguished or honourable citizen!